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Homepage of Peter Kernwein

my sites are written in German, but if you have questions, you can write in English, I'll try to answer to you!!

History of my Family:

Family-research is a wonderful hobby.

Some views into my family history you can get

here (but only in German language).

History of Computing:

As a teacher for mathematics and data-processing I have fun to study

History of Computing.

 Many books about history of mathematics and computing are in my library.

Most of them are written in German language.

I made some rebuilds of mathematic aids of the former centuries - and they work!

I search for    eMail contact with like-minded Internet-users.

My Computer Collection:

There are about 50 Computers in my collection. You can have

 a listing of the names and some links for more informations.

 I have several computer accessories, user manuals, books and


 I'm interested to change informations.


My Collection of Calculators:

On Calculators I mean all tools which help calculating.

Beginning by Babylonian tables multiplication, "bones" of Napier, sticks of Genaille-Lucas,

 proportional compass, abacus, commercially produced machines, slide rules and

early electronic pocket calculators like HP45 and TI59.

 My collection includes user manuals and several books.

 You can find essential tools here!


Amateur Radio Activities:

I have an Amateur-Radio-Station with the call DH6SK (ex. DG6IS).

My activities are:


My favorite links:

 You can find here my favorite links


Peter Kernwein

Begin of my HOMEPAGE!